Thriving Together – Part 2 Of 5

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02/25/19 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Thriving Together – Holistic Self Development For Women

Join us for this nourishing and empowering 5 Part Wellness Discovery Journey for Women!

THRIVING TOGETHER is a way for us as women to tap into the sacredness of shared experience and growth.

We are a small group of women meeting each time to

• CONNECT – with ourselves, with each other, with spirit
• NURTURE – our bodies, our minds, our souls–in community

• GROW – learn new skills, practice self care, create new habits, support one another


Each session we will be focusing on one of the 5 Elements and the Spiritual Wellness Factor that it corresponds to. With that, we will be discovering greater wholeness through the 5 Elements: Earth (Physical) Water (Emotional) Air (Mental) Fire (Soul) & Spirit

Our Thriving Together comes as we gather each session in the following flow:

• Physical Movement – Wellness for the Body
• Mindfulness / Meditation practice – Wellness for the Mind
• Nourishment /Healthy meal (provided) – Wellness for the Soul
• Resonance Circle – Wellness for the Emotions

• Integrating the Sacred – Wellness for the Spirit

Our time together includes with a healthy and nutritious evening MEAL which will be provided. Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options will be available.


Our 5 meetings will be from 5:00pm – 8:30pm on the following MONDAYS and focus on the 5 Elements with their corresponding Spiritual Wellness Factor:

– Feb 4: Spirit – Connection
– Feb 25: Air – Self Awareness
– March 18: Earth – Alignment
– April 8: Fire – Inner Strength

– April 29: Water – Flow

Single Session Registration: $65 (+eventbrite fees)

Full Series Registration: $325 + and skip the fees! (a $20 savings)

Program led by Vila Loukas, House of Healing Center of Light and Tammy Wilson Smith, Healthy Transformations

For more info, contact Tammy at 253-820-3104 or Vila at 206-551-5992
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