Ready for the Next Step?

Not sure which Direction is Best?

Let's work together! My areas of expertise are Fitness, Nutrition, and Self Care.  Working with you one on one, we create actionable steps so you can create the life you desire.

Private Coaching to help you with the Next Step


  *  Find the right movement for your body and soul  
  *  Target specific areas of weakness or postural concern
  *  Address repetitive movement and positions causing pain  
  *  Reduce your chance for injury by increasing your flexibility
I’m available to meet with you 1:1(no gym required)to teach you specific exercise



  *  Weight loss, target specific unhealthy belly bulge 
  *  Curb your cravings; sugar, processed foods, or caffeine
  *  Learn about organic food, GMO’s, supplements and more
  *  Understand the Why’s of your food habits & how to change if needed

I have tons of recipes to share & cooking tips for efficient time management.
And I’m happy to help you with a pantry purge, cooking lesson or shopping trip.


Self Care

  *  Honor your alone time and learn to schedule YOU first 
  *  Let go of guilt and should’s when taking time for yourself 
  *  Learn compassion and permission for your SELF 
  *  Identify what brings you joy and find it again

We’ll do some soul searching here, with lots of questions and answers

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Investment:  $375/ month       $1000 if paid in full (savings of $125)

Our Target: Feeling Empowered!