Springtime Workout

(Sorry, no Savory with the Spring session)

It’s springtime and that means you might be thinking about summer shorts and sundresses.  Oh, NO. . . your arms are saggy and your middle needs to whittle!  But, the gym is not your favorite place and you need some accountability and motivation.  Some fun wouldn’t hurt either!

"I found the key at this time in my life is to understand the best exercises for my health after 65.  What Tammy recommends is far different than what I learned in my 30's.  Tammy is wonderful in her expertise in explaining the best moves and why."  - Elisa

Due to popular demand I’m offering another women’s group exercise class.
A new 6 week session, Mondays only,  begins April 30th-June 11th.  (excluding Memorial Day)
Let’s PLAY and Laugh and have some FUN!

It’s only an hour of FUN FITNESS, no food and no wellness education (Here at Healthy Transformations we’ve whittled down our schedule and our programming to make time for Hiking to Happiness.)   We’ll be outside whenever possible.  Perhaps in the cul-de-sac, throwing some balls, jumping around and kicking up our heels.  But, please no heels, only sturdy work out shoes allowed!

Same rules apply: Bring a water bottle, an extra layer, and eat a little protein prior so you don’t BONK.  I am Wilderness First Aid trained, but prefer to not treat head injuries on the street.

One time option available:  9:00 a.m.
Register for the full 6 weeks for the price of 5,
pay up front for a few sessions, or
pay as you come. Click here to register.

$20 Cash is accepted (no cc day of class)

There is no limit on class size (OK, I’ll cut it off at 20!  It’s a big cul-de-sac!)