Women’s Global Health Summit 2016

How to Transform Your Body, Mind & Life to Wholeness

Hosted by Tammy Smith, Integrative Health Coach

February 13th-21st | 9:00am PST

Women's Global Health Summit

The 2016 Women’s Global Health Summit arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day to empower women to love themselves, above all else. This is a FREE audio series that will teach you how to heal and appreciate your relationships with FOOD, MONEY, MOVEMENT, & SOUL to attain your optimal Health! We have a passion to empower women to become better at loving themselves by transforming their connection with Self, Others & Purpose.

What To Expect

Each speaker will be giving you specific strategies to release old thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back from your optimal health & wellness. They will also be sharing their journeys to success in living a life aligned with purpose, passion and ultimately, HEALTH! Two of these inspirational health and wellness experts will speak each day, starting February 13th at 9:00am (PDT). Speakers will be offering FREE Gifts after their presentations. There will be a 48 hour replay if you’re unable to attend, or you can upgrade to access and download the full Summit right now.

Time Left To Register

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Guest Speakers

Day 1 – Sat February 13, 2016:

      • Tammy Smith – Let Movement Be Your Muse
      • Gabrielle Sundra – Fun and Games in Relationships

Day 2 – Sun February 14, 2016:

      • Dr. Jenev Caddell – The Impact your Relationship Has On Your Emotional & Physical Health
      • Mal Duane – Surviving The Unthinkable

Day 3 – Mon February 15, 2016:

      • Marianne Soucy – What Busy, Heart Centered, Sensitive Women Need to Include in Their Daily Life To Stay Grounded And Focused
      • Michelle RossThe Root Cause of Your Autoimmune Disease

Day 4 – Tue February 16, 2016:

      • Sheryl ShenefeltThe Skinny on Fats
      • Licia Berry – Healing Our Relationship With Money

Day 5 – Wed February 17, 2016:

      • Susan Silberstein, PhD – Cancer: Is it What You’re Eating or What’s Eating You?
      • Carin Weier – WISE Women Collaborate: The Power of Community

Day 6 – Thur February 18, 2016:

      • Dr. Jennifer WeinbergLifestyle Strategies to Balance Your Body and Hormones Through a Healthier Environment
      • Shiela Baker – Shamanic Spirit Guides for a Life Extra-Ordinary

Day 7 – Fri February 19, 2016:

      • Natalie Hatjes – Sexuality and Intimacy After Cancer
      • Mar Oscategui – How Beliefs, Expectations & Cultural Influences Affect Women’s Relationship with Food

Day 8 – Sat February 20, 2016:

      • Jan DeelstraThe Importance of Self-Love to Ward off Disease and Burn-Out
      • Doreen PolizziThe “PIE” method to achieving health & wellness

Day 9 – Sun February 21, 2016:

      • Dr. Michelle Kmiec – How I Cured Myself From MS & Anxiety With The Triad of Life
      • Diana Stobo Loving Oneself